The Countdown is On.

In Football on August 30, 2011 at 9:38 pm

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you are probably in the wrong place.  However, if you would like to learn, please feel free to stay.  🙂

Thursday is opening day of the NCAA college football season and I for one could not be more excited.  Personally, I’m a Gamecock fan, which means that I am REALLY excited about this year’s possibilities.  All the tools are there and with a little bit of luck, we really will have something to “crow” about.  This is the only the fourth time that a USC football team has been ranked in the top 25 during the preseason, and this team has all the makings of a fantastic showing.

Last years SEC East Champions, these guys are ready to put the “chicken curse” to rest.  This team, this coach, this year is the one to watch.  The Gamecocks play Saturday against the East Carolina University Pirates for the season opener in Charlotte at 7PM, ESPN3.

South Carolina players to watch: Marcus Lattimore, runningback already surrounded by Heisman whispers.  Alshon Jeffrey, on his way to being the best wide receiver in the nation, maker of unbelievable catches last season.  Stephon Gilmore.  Deadly cornerback, nominated for more preseason awards than I have space to write about.  Jadeveon Clowney, voted the number one prospect by ESPN, a tight end whose tackling/sacking abilities are going to have more than one quarterback on the run.

The best part about all of these guys?  SOUTH CAROLINA HOME GROWN!

Now, about our neighbors in the upstate.  Clemson has truly been on a roller coaster ride over the past couple of seasons.  Dabo Sweeney swooped in and saved what could have truly been a miserable season for the Tigers, and has made some awesome improvements as coach, but has also shown some rookie and inexperienced moves as well.  The Tigers also lost some key players this year and that will be challenging to overcome.  But Clemson seems to be getting their feet back under them by all accounts and are hoping to really shake up the ACC pre-season predictions.  They open against Troy, who while a smallish team, plays a very quick game, making it difficult to maintain the pace but Clemson is still favored to win.

Bringing it home to Charleston, we cannot forget about the Citadel Bulldogs.  Members of the Southern Conference, the Bulldogs had a pretty miserable season last year.  They won only one conference game, so really any improvement this season will surely get their fans excited.  The Dogs open at home against the Jacksonville University Dolphins, but host the archrival Furman Paladins the next weekend.  Win or lose, a Citadel game is something to behold, especially this one against FU.  You haven’t lived until you’ve heard 900 cadets chanting in unison or seen The Summerall Guard perform their cadence.

Well, there you have it.  My summary of what is coming up football in South Carolina this weekend.  Obviously there are several more college teams here in this state but these are the ones I’m going to focus on for the time being.  If any juicy tidbits or amazing plays come out of Wofford, Charleston Southern or Furman, I’ll be all over it but I’m taking baby steps with this new blog.  In parting, I’ll leave you with this…


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