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In Tasty Tailgating on September 14, 2011 at 10:23 am

When I first think about game day, I of course conjure up visions of glory, where my team annihilates their competition, making play after fabulous play and never looking stupid. Aaaannd since THAT rarely happens, then my thoughts next turn to food.

Here in the south, I’d wager it’s a close race between which is more important – eating or football. The combination of the two is a hallowed institution called tailgating. And in case you weren’t sure before, now you know that tailgating is not a hobby in the South; it’s a religion. The best goodies come out on Gameday and the combo I’m about to share with you is a game changer in its own right.

I have tailgating staples –  tasty goodies that are easy to transport, that don’t spoil quickly. The crowd pleasers that are a snap to multiply.  HOWEVER. Sometimes it’s time to bring out the big guns, whether it be to celebrate an especially important game or to just remind people of your tailgating prowess.   You know, those times when you want to knock one out of the park, so to speak.

Enter Slatherin’ Sauce.  Slatherin’ is locally owned by Charleston native Robin Rhea, a woman dedicated to fresh, good food since she started cooking at the ripe old age of three! However, here is the real beauty:  her sauces use ALL natural ingredients as well as local ones when available. No food coloring, no preservatives, no artificial sweeteners and definitely no high fructose corn syrup. Nothing but goodness!

Since its inception in October 2009, Slatherin’ has been making a steady climb to fame, because as they put it, “It’s an everything sauce!”  Not only is it “the cure for boring food”, it is good on ANYTHING. Meats, veggies, salads – you name it and you can Slather it!

Now, enter Holly Herrick.  Another local talent, Holly Herrick is ridiculously accomplished in her own right.  An award-winning chef, cookbook author and recipe innovator,   Holly is bringing her talents to the Slatherin’ table, developing crazy good recipes for Slatherin’, with a special focus on local, fresh, farm to table ingredients.

And since I love food AND football, and since I especially love the combination of the two, I’m thinking the Holly and Slatherin’ team is the ticket to Total. Tailgate. Domination.

Meet the Slather Burger:

I’m sorry – did someone say applewood smoked bacon, grass-fed beef and gouda? Yes? I am SO THERE. Treat this burger to some Vidalia onion and original Slatherin’ Sauce and you can consider yourself the king or queen of the grill. All challengers will flee in terror, guaranteed.

Now, every great main dish must be accompanied by a supporting side. And since we here in the South are blessed with about a zillion days of sunshine, it also means we have a longer growing season for summer veggies. I know I’m a little behind the curve for corn, but it’s still out there and what better way to usher it out for the summer than with a faboosh summer salad? Holly has developed this recipe specifically for use with Slatherin’ Sauce, anything else just will not do! Have a look at this golden goodness:

Fresh corn, fresh basil, fresh red bell pepper and Slatherin’ Sauce? Yes, please. Holly’s divine recipe is the exact right blend of spicy and sweet and is the perfect accoutrement to your Slather Burger in place of the usual boring fries or chips!

As an added bonus, it travels well, keeps easily and requires waaay less effort than cooking a hot side on site.  And who needs more heat during September tailgating in South Carolina on an asphalt parking lot? NOT ME.

So whether you’re tailgating or cooking at home, I think this combination of the Original Slather Burger and the Spicy Slathered Grilled Summer Corn Salad is a fantastic way to celebrate with friends.  Try it out and let me know what you think.  And, as always, have a happy and safe Gameday!

 Be sure to stop by the websites of Slatherin’ and Holly for more recipe  goodness!

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