Throwdown in Tuscaloosa

In Football on November 4, 2011 at 11:13 am

So while I realize that the entire college football world is talking about what I’m going to call the national championship semi-final, I would be remiss as a wannabe sports writer not to throw my two cents in as well. Truly, I have been looking forward to this game for weeks – basically since the moment it became apparent that these two teams were going to beat the crap out of pretty much every team they played.  I’m a closet Tide fan anyway, (and no, not just recently), so I follow them behind the scenes of my front page Gamecock obsession. LSU stays on the radar as well, if for no other reason than because of the conference affiliation. 

Honestly, I just can’t decide what I think about the outcome of this game. LSU’s Les Miles is some kind of mad genius with, forgive my language, balls of steel. Nick Saban of Alabama is widely considered to be the Dark Lord of football, turning players into special forces operatives. Both teams have amazing, deep talent all over both sides of the ball. Both teams are undefeated.

Here are some stats that may help those of you who like me, are really on the fence about who you think emerge the victor.

Under Les Miles, LSU is 18-1 in night games played on the road.  Under Saban, BAMA is 26-1 at home.

Ranked Opponents faced:


Average ranks for opponents total offense:

LSU: 71
BAMA: 95

Average ranks for opponents total defense:

LSU: 46
BAMA: 51

Sacks and Turnovers forced:

LSU: 19/18
BAMA: 17/14

Offensive balance (passing yards / rushing yards):

LSU: 1465/1512
BAMA: 1827/1834

Thanks to Saturday Down South’s Robert Hopkins for the summary!

Honestly, I don’t really think that there is any predicting this game. All I know is that it is going to be AWESOME. My pick is Bama but I’m really going on emotion because I just can’t decide.

Check out this video, also from Saturday Down South – goosebumpy!

I’m so stoked about this one that I keep forgetting about the other game I’m supposed to watching, USC v Arkansas…and y’all, I’ve had it up to the proverbial here with everyone discounting the Gamecocks. Yes, Arkansas has an outstanding offense. Yes, South Carolina is hampered by injuries and will definitely miss Marcus Lattimore’s run game much more so than last week against Tennessee. But everyone seems to forget that the Gamecock defense is one of the best in the nation. I’ll repeat: The best. In the. Nation. Gilmore, Ingram, Allen – these guys are good and so is the rest of the defense as well. I’m confident they will not be sitting around wringing their hands before this game.

Stats don’t lie y’all, so deciding that Carolina has lost this game before they even get there is absurd. Yes, the offense is re-learning how to do pretty much everything – run without Marcus, throw with Connor, return with Sanders etc, but that doesn’t mean they can’t win. I agree that the Gamecock defense is going to have to lean on the Hog offense with everything they’ve got because if Arkansas pulls out ahead far enough, I don’t know that the Carolina offense can catch up. But I feel still strongly that this is going to be a game.

Clemson is off this weekend, and I couldn’t be happier about that because I just do not have the energy for them on top of Bama/LSU and USC/Ark. Oh and last week when I said that The Citadel was boring me so badly I couldn’t even come up with anything to say about them?  I think they must have heard me somehow because they actually played an exciting game against VMI that included THREE blocked punts, which is awesome no matter who you are. The Dogs go to Georgia Southern this weekend, and I really hope the momentum is with them and that the second half of their season goes better than the first.

Alrighty then y’all – I hope you enjoy football this weekend as much as I plan to ’cause it’s going to be EPIC!!!  And as always, have a very happy and safe Gameday!

  1. Hey! I’m visiting all the blogs in my stretch of the NaBloPoMo list and I stopped by to say hi. I’m impressed with your passion and excitement! I’m living in MN (transpland from NY) and there is a current debate about getting the UofM out of the sports business given budget crunch. Any talk of that in your teams? Total talk only here, but, interesting thing to think about… Should the UofM coach really get 1.2m a year when the avg teacher gets 80k? That salary could pay for 20 kids to go to school. The university is dependent on taxes but then again, i don’t want MN to be the only sportsless state….

    • Hi Katy! Thanks for coming by. Your point is totally valid, but here in the SEC someone would be crucified for even thinking those words. Nick Saban is the highest paid coach in the entire NCAA. Do I agree? Yes and no. Yes, because sports revenue benefits the school as whole, which benefits the students as a whole, which benefits the state as a whole and so on. No, because I do think all the money thrown at college sports programs directly contributes to corruption and could definitely be used for a higher purpose other than sports. BUT, without money generating sports programs, said coaches wouldn’t have those salaries, nor schools that revenue – very circular situation. I have really mixed feeling about the whole thing actually. Kind of like Hollywood, you know? I mean, I think it’s crazy that someone makes 5 million dollars for three months of work but I still go to the movies. Round and round we goooooo…. 🙂

      I need to go back to the list and read some posts. I got so irritated with yesterday and today’s prompts that I’d like to read what other people wrote about them. I’m totally new to that gig and am kind of wondering if I missed something. Ack!

      • Thanks for your reply 🙂 I agree, it is a chicken and egg thing. I always laugh when people say the reason MIT does not have a college team is that the avg IQ is higher then the avg body weight. I think the schools that have teams make a certain sort of atmosphere for students and those without teams have a different atmosphere. I’m cool with there being both in the world to choose from.

        Topic swithch, I completely ignore the daily prompt unless I’m stuck for something to say. What I say might not be all that interesting to start with but its genuine.

        Good luck to your team(s)!

        ps. I have the ‘joy’ of working in a MN border company so we have many Packer Viking issues….

      • SO glad you told me about the prompt thing. Genuine is always better, no matter how mundane, I think. Keep your head down during that WI/MN border war! Ha!

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