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Do You Support Women’s Sports? I Haven’t And That Needs To Change.

In The Fan Experience on March 20, 2012 at 8:01 pm

For those of my readers who do not know, I actually have two blogs. The”mommy blog” is Connelly Confusion, and the sports blog is Gameday Goodness. GG has been terribly neglected since November but those of you in the blogosphere know how that can go.

Baseball season has arrived though, and I love baseball. The Gamecocks and Cougars are doing pretty well so far, and it’s awesome to see such great attendance for the games. My daughter has begun her softball season and so we’ve got cleats, bats, helmets, etc., strewn all around the house. It’s hard not to get into the spirit of the spring.

I skipped out of March Madness this year, because I really just haven’t been feeling it. Like I said, I’ve paid so little attention, it would be a total crapshoot anyway, so instead of throwing good money away, I just stayed focused on baseball. I knew somewhere in the back of my head that the Lady Gamecocks had an excellent season, but had paid them no mind either. I actually had no idea until yesterday that they were playing Purdue for a spot in the Sweet 16, or had set a team points record in the game that got them to the field of 32. Anyway, as a fan of the school, I figured I should just check it out.

Y’all. Let me tell you. That game was fantastic. The very outsized Gamecocks had total and complete control of that game from start to finish. The pressure these women applied on defense was outstanding. The shooting was excellent and the scrappy, never say die, don’t give them an inch style of play did not let up even once. At one point during the game, I said to my husband, “If women’s sports were always this good, I’d probably watch more of them. You know, if there were more than fifty people there and this level of play.” Mental pause. To self: WHAAAAT???!!!

I couldn’t believe I said that. It’s not the Lady Gamecock’s fault that typically their turnout isn’t the same as the men’s. They are an outstanding team. Way more successful than the men’s team, actually. It isn’t the school’s fault either – the women’s basketball team is promoted too. Whose fault is it, you ask? It’s mine. And yours. And everyone else like us who doesn’t pay any attention to women’s sports.

After hearing those ridiculous words come out of my mouth, I began thinking back to the last time I watched a women’s team in person, other than my daughter’s. I had to go back to college, which was longer ago than I’d care to admit. Why did I go? I worked for the athletic department – I had to be there. I have a distinct memory of being at a CofC Lady Cougars softball game, and no one being there but the team, the school employees, and maybe a few family members, friends. Less than twenty people were in the stands. They were good too and no one knew, or cared, as far as I can recall.

My children have been to several collegiate sporting events. Were any of them the women’s teams? Nope. As a parent of a girl, I’m ashamed of myself. She plays softball, and I took her to see baseball. She played soccer and I took her to see football. As the parent of a boy, I’m ashamed of myself. Is his sport more important than his sister’s? I know I’m going further with this than the reality, but I’m trying to make a point. If I am the gender equality mom that I think I am, my daughter deserves to be exposed to sports played by people of her own gender, or what message does that send to her? My son needs to know that the women who play these sports are just as athletic, hardworking and talented as the men, or what message does that send to him?

I hope to change this, sooner rather than later. There are tons of opportunities locally to see collegiate women’s sports, and yours truly is definitely going to go buy tickets. For all of us.





It’s Gameday Bay-bay!

In The Fan Experience on September 9, 2011 at 10:23 am

Y’all. There is just nothing cuter than a baby or toddler dressed up in the school colors on game day. I love seeing all the little girls in their cheer leading outfits, or the baby boys wearing Under Armor shirts that say “Protect This House”.  And so what I’m thinking is that since we came up with some options for the ladies last week, it’s only fair that we provide some inspiration for the littlest fans this week!

Personally, I like kids to look like kids, not like miniature grown ups. Which is why I love things like this girl’s skort from – adorable, functional, washable and well made! LOVE it.

If you have a young male fan in your house, he probably doesn’t want to wear a skirt, so how about something a little more rough and tumble? Like this adorable cap from  I mean, who could argue with a three year old rocking a orange and purple hat?! Not me, that’s for certain. Check it out…

And for the Bulldog baby, what about something for the tootsies? Babies will always find a way to kick off their shoes, so when they do, be sure they have on cute socks!  For these and a zillion other fan choices, check

Now then, we have the ladies decked out, the children all spiffed up…what’s next? The GUYS. Stay tuned…

Fabulous Fan Wear

In The Fan Experience on September 1, 2011 at 11:09 am

We girls here in the blessed south-land have a tradition of looking fabulous for sporting events, but especially for football games.  Hours are spent trying to decide on the perfect outfit to wear to the game that shows support for your team without looking ridiculous.  My frustration up to this point has been that other than wearing the team colors, the options have been somewhat limited.  Most of the mass produced gameday apparel is not really my thing – too cartoonish, sometimes too vulgar (we are the Cocks, remember?) and perpetually cheesy.  Some of the over the top stuff is fun, but mostly I just want to support my team and look cute! 

Problem, meet solution.  I’d like to introduce Halftime Designs.  Owned by Megan Wood, a native Floridian and lifelong Gator fan, this line of fan wear is fashionable, fun, flirty and, you guessed it, FABULOUS. 

Megan says, “Halftime Designs was an idea that came about after spending almost every weekend at a college football game. Week after week, I would spend too much time in the mall trying to find the perfect gameday outfit. It takes a lot of creativity to find something cute in your favorite teams colors. I am not a fan of plastering myself with team logos. My vision was to create a line of clothing that brings flirty & fun fashion to football.”

And bring it she did.  Megan perpetually has people chasing her down wanting to know where she got her adorable tank or tee, and is happy to refer them to well, herself.  Men seem to find her designs especially inspirational as gifts for their ladies, and we all know how great it is to have your guy surprise you with something cool!

Check some of my favorites from her collection:

I love the baseball style sleeves and the fitted design, plus at 21.99, it’s no more than what you would pay at most sporting goods/specialty stores. 

You Citadel fans may be a little more interested in this one:

I love the tanks, especially because you can layer them and wear into fall with total ease.  This design was originated for Butler, but it looks “Citadel blue” to me!  Again, great price for something you’ll get lots of compliments on when you wear it a the game.

Already have that perfect game outfit chosen?  Take it up a notch with this adorable and functional tote!  I’m sure my Clemson friends will figure out something fun to put in this…

Now, if none of these teams are your favorite, do not despair!  Halftime Designs has choices for a host of other college teams, as well as for the NFL, NBA and MLB.  And you aren’t limited to apparel and accessories either – Megan has all sorts of things to chose from for your home, your phone, your dog and even your car! 

Lastly, when you spend 40$ you get a 20% discount with coupon code SCHOOL15, so head on over to and get your game gear on!