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Why I’m Here

In Uncategorized on August 25, 2011 at 10:24 pm

This blog began simply because I was looking for something that was never found.  A college sports blog by a woman, for women.  Not one that focuses solely on stats, or on one team or even on one sport.  I was looking for a blog that talked about the same things I love about college sports – things like the fans of perpetually losing programs filling the bleachers anyway.  Things like tailgating, game day fashion, family based activities and yes, the games themselves.  I love the stories of the players, the coaches and even the nobodies who make the whole thing happen.

Be warned, however, that this does not mean that this site will be rainbows and unicorns.  I know and love college baseball.  I live and breathe college football.  March Madness keeps me awake at night, plotting my tournament picks.  The point is that this blog will talk sports.  Real, hard hitting, fight to the death sports. The “no guts, no glory” moments will be glorified and the “are you serious?” moments will probably be mocked.

But mostly it will focus on us, the fans.  Things that we like and things we don’t.  Things that keep us coming back for more, things that make our sports experience memorable or miserable.  Things we like to eat, and things we like to wear.  Because the fans are what give life to the whole experience. The fans are who will be there when most of these players are having kids of their own, coaching Little League or working in the insurance industry.  So we’ll focus on what that means and how we go about being these fans.  And maybe we’ll learn a little something along the way.

If you ask me, one of life’s great mysteries is how people who very often have never walked the hall of a certain institution can love it’s teams so much.  But they do.  What makes us care so much about people we’ve never met playing a game we’ve never played?  I don’t know but I’m eager to find out and I’d be thrilled if you came with me.